HDMI to USB и EasyCap AV to USB - карты видео захвата

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HDMI to USB Video Converter, - карта видеозахвата изображения и звука с порта HDMI

HDMI to USB Video Converter - 320 лей! Возможна доставка!

-HDMI input up to 4K resolution (3840х2160, 30 Hz) with 8/10/12 bit support; Up to 15-meter cable
-Video Output up to 1080p, 60Hz using YUV or JPEG modes
-Audio – L-PCM
-Compatible with common video software such as VLC, OBS, Amcap, etc …
-Compliant with USB UVC video and UAC audio classes
-Works on Windows, Android and Mac OS (and probably Linux too)
-Power Supply – 5V/0.4A via USB port from host computer or board
-Dimensions – 64x28x13 mm
-Weight – 21.4g

Цена 320 лей
AV to USB EasyCap Video Converter, - карта видеозахвата изображения и звука с AV выхода

EasyCap AV to USB2.0 capture card - 250лей

USB 2.0 Video Capture Adapter provides a link between a PC and a video device with RCA connector or S-Video connector, such VHS, VCR
USB 2.0 interface, plug and play. Support brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation control. Capture audio without the sound card
Support All Video Formats
Support NTSC, PAL Video format
Video input: One RCA composite, One S-Video. Audio input: Stereo audio (RCA)
Dimension 88 x 28 x 18mm

софт можно скачать тут: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/rCgJ/ZC4tgd6Sp

Цена - 250 лей

HDMI to Micro HDMI adapter - 70 лей
HDMI to Mini HDMI adapter - 70 лей
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